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Construction kills one in five workers.

Around half of serious workplace injuries aren’t reported.

One fatal injury costs an average of $991,027 in hospital costs.

Cutting corners will cripple your business.

Construction employees 4% of workers but accounts for 21% of deaths.

These people will build your business.

You work as hard on your business as you do in your business. For you, it’s not a 9 to 5. There are no holidays. But as hard as you work, it’s your employees who will determine the long-term success of the dream you’re building.

The most successful construction companies leverage the knowledge and skills of the people around them to grow their business. It begins with your workers, but they’re not the only members of your crew. Your insurance broker is a valuable member of the team.

Leverage our expertise to keep your employees and your business safe. Together, we can build something to be proud of.

Are you afraid of workers comp?

As a small business trying to survive the ups and downs of the construction industry, it can be scary to think about workers comp costs. And for good reason. The construction industry sees a 71 percent higher spend on workers’ compensation than all goods-producing industries combined.

That’s more than twice the mean cost for the average employer in all other industries. To ensure your continued growth, let us help you plan the perfect insurance coverage for your business. We’ll take the worry out of workers comp and other insurance issues.

The first year is the deadliest.

Sixty percent of construction injuries occur within an employee’s first year on the job.

This makes a lot of sense. Job site safety often comes down to knowledge and muscle memory, two things knew employees don’t have yet. That’s why safety protocols, inspections, training and safety meetings are vital to your success as a construction business.

And while you should do everything in your power to avoid job site accidents, you can never be sure they won’t happen. No matter how deeply safety is embedded into your culture. But you can insure you have the right coverage. Let us help keep your workers safe for years to come.

Insure your people. Insure your future.

Prevention should be your first line of defence against workplace accidents. But even the best plans by the most vigilant companies can’t reduce injuries to zero. Especially when it comes to the construction business.

When accidents happen, and they will, insurance is your second line of defence. Do you have coverage? Is it an adequate amount? Has your policy grown with you or lagged behind? Are you covered for any new developments in your business?

Answering these questions is imperative to your long-term success. Luckily, the answers are just a call or click away when you work with UW.

How do you lower costs and grow your business?

It’s a proven fact that better and more frequent training, regular inspections and regular health and safety meetings with construction supervisors result in lower costs, fewer lost-time injuries and more profits.

So if you want to grow your business, you certainly need to take care of these basics. The other thing you need to do is make sure you have the right insurance coverage. Because no matter how much you plan, you can’t eliminate risk. And just one incident could be enough to close you down for good.

Take the long-term view of your business by taking out the right amount of insurance for your jobs and crew. So in addition to reducing your costs, you can also reduce your risks.