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We understand your vehicle is an important asset and the right coverage for your vehicle will help put your mind at ease. We can provide basic coverage and if you require extra coverage, we can do that too! At UW Insure, we can also help you with your classic, collectors, and even right-hand drive vehicles. Click the link below and get started on providing yourself with proper automobile insurance!

Factors affecting cost of automobile insurance

SUVs and trucks tend to be very fashionable, but thanks to the cost and therefore the cost of repairs on these sorts of vehicles, they're usually costlier to insure than sedans or compacts. This doesn’t mean that car drivers will automatically get a far better rate than truck drivers however if you drive an upscale luxury car that costs a fortune to repair which will be reflected in your auto insurance premiums.

Larger city premium

Unfortunately, larger cities means more cars, it'll be costlier as a result. Factors like population density (which results in more cars on the road and more accidents), high frequency of insurance claims, and year-over-year increases in car thefts mean that Edmonton residents could need to pay higher premiums.
Older drivers who have shown a history of excellent driving habits can generally expect to pay less for insurance than younger, less experienced drivers.
Simply put, the more you employ your car, the upper the prospect you’ll be during a collision – and therefore the more you'll buy insurance. Drivers who use their car for his or her daily commute to downtown Edmonton are likely to pay a better annual premium than drivers who use their vehicle only occasionally.
Past claims activity tends to be an honest indicator of future claims activity – if you've got a history of creating auto insurance claims, you'll find yourself paying a better premium.

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