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dog attack liability insurance

Homeowner with dogs - dog attack liability

Do you want to bring a Doberman Pinscher to your family? Have you purchased a Doberman Pinscher already? If so, you might encounter problems locating a homeowner insurance business that will cover your house & pet accountability, especially on dog attack liability.

Don’t leave the garage door remote in your car.

If you park outside a lot, don’t forget to take your garage remote in with you. One broken window and a thief could waltz right into your house. If you have a locking glove box, stash it there instead of on the visor. Don’t make a criminal’s job easier.

When should you file a claim?

The short answer is right away. Some homeowner’s policies have time limits on claim reporting. If you miss your claim window, you not only run the risk of an issue getting worse but also of not getting it covered by your insurance provider. Always read your policy and know the procedures to file a claim. It’ll save you money.

Install ceiling fans in most rooms.

A ceiling fan not only keeps you comfortable it can also save you money. By circulating the air, a fan can keep your cooler in hot months and warmer in cooler months, allowing you to adjust your thermostat by a degree or two—just enough to save some money.

How do insurance companies determine your premium?

A lot of factors affect your homeowner’s insurance premium. Some include the age and condition of your home, the cost to rebuild it, the building materials used, the proximity of a fire department, the claims history of your neighborhood or community, and even the types of pets you have. In our region, more than half of every dollar paid by homeowners for their premiums is paid out in clams every year.

An ounce of prevention isn’t worth an increased premium.

Some people use their homeowner’s insurance to fix all kinds of issues around their property. While that’s fine, remember that homeowner’s insurance is really designed to repair or replace your property in the event of an unexpected major loss. Filing a lot of minor claims may raise your annual premiums. It’s often better to go with a home warranty for smaller issues.

Climate change is real and its costs to Canadian homeowners are increasing.

An increase in the severity and intensity of extreme weather events over time as a result of global climate change has resulted in more flooding and water damage to Canadian homes. Thirty years ago, insured losses for extreme weather averaged around $400 million a year. Now that average is closer to $1 billion a year.

Never trust the label on a breaker panel.

You may be familiar with the list of labels inside your breaker panel, but are you sure the labels are accurate? Bad labeling or upgrades and remodels may mean these labels aren’t reliable. Unless you labeled everything yourself, always use a voltage detector before doing any electrical work.

Where you live will affect how much your insurance costs.

Did you know that where you live could make a big difference in your homeowner’s insurance premiums? If your house is in a flood plain or in an area at higher risk of severe weather or natural disasters, you will pay more for homeowner’s insurance. In 2016, the Fort McMurray wildfire in northern Alberta destroyed 2,500 homes and building which resulted in 60,000 claims totaling $3.7 billion in losses. Homes in this area could still face higher premiums. Your dream home may be worth it but figure it out before you buy it or it may just become your worst nightmare.